Laurenzos Italian center feature truely #Italian food

We like to see you at #Laurenzos today.
Prosciutto di San Daniele by Principe – Sliced The microclimate of Italy’s San Daniele del Friuli is a key and irreplaceable element of prosciutto’s amazing taste.

The cold air coming from the foothills of the Alps clashes against the hot streams of the Adriatic Sea, thus creating climate conditions that are extremely favorable for ageing processes. Only the legs that pass the rigid quality control of Principe (more than 15% are discarded at their arrival in the Company’s factory) are branded and destined to the production of San Daniele Prosciutto. The salting of San Daniele Products follows a procedure called “full salting”: the leg is entirely covered with sea salt and is left for about a week in low-temperature cells. At the end of this stage, hams are “brushed” to eliminate external salt, they are trimmed with a knife and hung for a period of 100-105 days. At this moment the slow and progressive ageing process begins, lasting at least six months. Only the hams that pass the rigid controls will display the indelible brand of San Daniele D.O.P.

Laurenzos Gourmet Italian Market Miami

#laurenzos #italian center has a new facebook page.

Laurenzos Gourmet Italian Center is your grandmother’s, Mother’s and soon to be your children’s favorite place to shop for all your #Italian #food favorites.

  • Seafood and Meats department, ask for Rob.
  • Deli and gourmet cheese department,
  • Old fashion “street cafe” inside the market.
  • Bakery, with the best #canolisin America.

Top pickby #Miami #new #Times magazine for more than a decade. Come in and see why.


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