CACIOCAVALLO RAGUSANO, available this weekend in the @Laurenzo’s #Gourmet #Market #Deli

CACIOCAVALLO is a raw, cow’s milk cheese often called

“King of the Sicilian Cheese”.


Many Italian cheese experts call it Sicily’s version of Provolone, it is truly an Artisanally produced Italian DOP cheese hand-crafted in time-honored traditions dating back from 14th century.


The production is limited to the province of Ragusa in Sicily using whole milk exclusively from the Modicana breed of cows. The first thing that strikes you is the sheer size of the cheese, and its shape (a 12 to 16 kilo rectangular block) which also gives the cheese it’s Sicilian nickname SCALUNI (translated into “step”) which it definitely resembles.


RAGUSANO has a golden yellow straw color & an herbaceous, piquant, intense flavor with a wonderful natural aroma!

Great as a cooking ingredient & excellent when served with Nero d’Avola wine. RAGUSANO is rarely seen & virtually undiscovered in the mass market, but has been a favorite of Italian Americans since they arrived in the USA & brought this wonderful taste experience with them from their native Sicily !